Gamers pay less. Developers earn more. The revolution of game monetization is here.

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A revolution in gaming monetization that benefits everyone.

Mony aims to revolutionize the monetization in the gaming industry with a “power-to-the-people” approach. Less middlemen, less fees, faster speeds and more earnings.

Skipping all middlemen

Everyone everywhere charges fees, which bulk up. By skipping everyone, players don’t have to pay for all the extra bulk. No Google Play / AppStore fees, no local middlemen fees, no credit card fees.

Players pay less, developers earn more

By skipping all middlemen, players get a way better deal and the money goes where it belongs - to the developers.

Low complexity and little to no setup

Deploy your game with a fully working monetization pipeline in less than a day. Even a junior developers can handle this.

Payouts in less than 10 seconds

AppStore and Google Play payouts may take up to 3 months. Local middlemen can take up to 6 months. Mony makes it in less than 10 seconds.

Instant Time To Market

Skip the tedious beaurocracy and processes. Setup and deploy a fully monetized game to any market in less than a day.

Battle-tested in real life

Mony already went through a pilot deployment with 35,000 active users, collaboarating with game studios making billions in revenue.

Extreme gasless transaction speeds

Mony can out of the box handle 2000+ trx/s without any hassle or issues, while having gas fees as low as a fraction of a cent.

NFT compatible

Mony is perfectly usable for direct purchases of NFTs and gaming assets.

Legislative compatibility

Mony is compatible even with the strictest of legislatives, such as South East Asia. We can go to markets even Apple and Google have no license for.

Only store for mobile apps & dApps

There is no app store on the world, which does this. Fully embeddable into mobile phones or directly into games.

Cross-chain compatibility

Mony is compatible virtually with any chain there is. It can even be deployed on private chains, at the cost of losing decentralization, similar to Facebook’s Libra.

Limitless market penetration

Due to legislative compatibility and technological solutions, Mony can be applied even for multi-billion markets, where the majority of people do not have access to bank accounts or credit cards.

10x cheaper customer acquisition

By penetrating SE Asia markets, Mony allows for 10x CAC for both DAU (Daily Active Users) & MAU (Monthly Active Users).

Absolute & instant transparency

Mony is perfectly auditable and everything happens on the blockchain and can be instantly seen and reviewed.

Fully integrable into Visa & Mastercard

Despite Mony being a solution for card-less markets, it’s 100% compatible with the industry giants.

Solves piracy

90% of premium games are either not played or pirated. Mony fixes this issue.


Have everything taken care of.

Mony is designed to provide an inuitive, fast and pleasant experience for everyone – developers and players.


Switch up payment processing

Go into your project and change up your current payment processing methods for Mony.


Publish your game

Take your game and publish it into any live market you want. No compliance, no legal issues, nothing. All is dealt with out-of-the-box.



That’s it. Your game is live and running, fully monetized. All this in a few steps and no time.


Fully monetized and live on a market in less than one day.

Get rid of the complexity, tedious beaurocracy, lengthy processes and all other time wasting activities. Go live in a fraction of time when compared to Google Play or AppStore. Even a Junior Developer can handle this with Mony.


Accessible for everyone in seconds.

The player’s experience is our upmost priority. Simple, intuitive, smooth and fast. Dive into the gaming world in a matter of minutes.


Get your funds into your wallet

You know the drill. This should be nothing new. Whether it’s from vouchers, direct purchase, play2earn titles, Mony can process everything.


Connect your wallet

Similara to any other services and platforms, just intuitively connect your wallet to the game and Mony handles the rest.


That’s it, you’re settled

Feel free to play and purchase as you wish. Your gaming journey begins here.


Fair and fully transparent.

Mone’s intention is to bring transparency and fairness into the world of game monetization. The same goes for the internals of the project. Mony, together with its structure is built to grow and last.

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All your questions answered.

Mony’s team is glad to answer all your questions. In case you haven’t found your answers here, try our community Telegram.

Mony is both a token and blockchain technology. It is the only all-in-one an app store, payment gateway and merchant app, which handles both obile apps and dApps.

It is an ambitious project that aims to revolutionize the world of gaming ($155B industry), offering developers extremely fast and cost-efficient entry to markets, which are currently very hard to go to. At the same time, it opens up the world of gaming to millions of people, who have trouble accessing it due to not having a credit card or bank account.

Mony was a start-up.

With combined forces and innovatively upgraded it to a whole new level, with the aim to revolutionize the gaming industry to the better.

We have worked in silence for the past few years and now finally Mony is ready to turn its vision into reality.

Either by getting whitelisted for the ICO / pre-sale, or on various DEXes after the IDO.

If you need more information, definitely look into our community telegram.

Yes, it is. After every transaction, 1% of the transaction volume is burned.

Yes, staking will be possible in the near future, with 100% APY.


We don't promise future utility. We already have it.

Token ICO / Pre-sale

Additional funding & appreciation for early adopters

Ramping up acquisition & adoption

Growing the amount of token holders and community, including airdrops, referrals, collaborations & partnerships

IDO & minor exchange listing

Mony made publicly tradeable on DEXes

Technology deployment & gradual release

With a functional ecosystem of healthy holders and trading volumes, we will begin to finish the final touches for making Mony's technology live on the gaming market.

We intend to use all the partnerships and networking we have in various markets, including the very complicated ones in SE Asia.

Full Mony gaming technology release

When all is done, Mony will be publicly accessible for everyone and almost everywhere. The first batches of the millions of people without credit cards and bank accounts will be able to enjoy gaming without any limitations.

Major exchange listings

At this point, Mony will be strong enough of a market competitor among tokens to be listed on major exchanges, allowing for more public adoption and higher trading volumes of the token.

Full scale gaming revolution

Here the beautiful vision of Mony will take place, as both our token & technology should bring a revolution to the current world of gaming.

Players will have no trouble having purchasing power anywhere in the world under any circumstances.

Developers will be able to go to markets previously unavailable within days instead of months, saving them a lot of precious time, work and money.


For personal and smaller projects




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For medium-size projects & teams



+1.2% per transaction



For Large teams & projects



+1.2% per transaction



Need tailored solutions and experiences for your business? Feel free to contact us for a custom quote.


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You can always reach us on our community Telegram.